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  • [[Category:Nigerian historians]] [[Category:Nigerian academics]]
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  • ...ater charged that the dominance of the Hamitic origin prominent among many historians during 1950s may be linked to assertiveness against allegations of ethnic i *(1)Philip S. Zachernuk. ' Of Origins and Colonial Order: Southern Nigerian Historians and the 'Hamitic Hypothesis' C. 1870-1970', The Journal of African History
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  • '''Benjamin Olatunji Oloruntimehin''' is a Nigerian historian formerly at Obafemi Awolowo University. Prior to joining the coll [[Category:Nigerian historians]]
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  • *A Handlist of Nigerian Official Publications, Provisional. 1961 [[Category:Nigerian historians]]
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  • Interpretive History of Modern Nigeria with a depressing tone on the Nigerian state. *Nigerian History and Culture. Editor. ISBN 0582644321
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  • ...of Abuja'. He held the tile of Sarkin Ruwa, Abuja and was a member of the Nigerian House of Representatives during the independence period. The Book, A Chron [[Category:Nigerian historians]]
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  • ...r, the veracity of the information is sometimes constrained as the skilled historians may be influenced by personalities of the era mostly kings or problems rela ...tradition against importing foreign models of writing sometimes gives the Nigerian novel distinct characteristics notable among characters in the book who som
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  • '''Stephen Adebanji Akintoye''' is a Nigerian historian from Ekiti who was a director of the Institute of African Affairs ...g the Nigerian second republic, he was a senator representing Ekiti in the Nigerian senate
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  • '''Queen Kambasa''' of [[Bonny]] was a Nigerian ruler who was the first queen of Bonny and considered the first queen from Some historians have disputed her role as a queen mostly because it is an anomaly to have a
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  • '''Moses Craig Adeyemi''' (1882-1942) was a pioneering Nigerian author and clergyman who wrote one of the earliest books on the history of [[Category:Nigerian historians]]
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  • '''Muhammadu Junaidu''' (born 1906) was a Nigerian historian, writer and one of the foremost scholars on Fulani history and th * Citation of Muhammadu Junaidu, Nigerian National Merit Award
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  • ...of Assembly in Nigeria during the 1950s.. He was also one of the foremost historians on Kano, [1] and he is popularly known in Kano's intellectual circles as th
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  • ...8-2001) was a Nigerian scholar and historian who was among a set of Yoruba historians who followed the pioneering effort of Samuel Johnson in setting the foundat ...ssionaries in the nineteenth century. At the time, the book was the second Nigerian authored historical study published by the Oxford University Press, after K
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  • The''' Nigerian Civil Service Union''' was a trade union in [[Nigeria]] founded on August 1 Some historians choose to downplay the union's role in the fight for equal pay for Africans
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  • ''The Making of a Nigerian Statesman'' ...ay Ohanyido Okoli popularly aka ‘Guineaboy’ (born November 16, 1932) was a Nigerian
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  • ...of times migrated from Egypt and Thebes. He also supports some local Benin historians on the foundation of the Eweka dynasty as it relates to the last Ogiso's he [[Cateogory:Nigerian House of Representatives]]
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  • ...provenance to the North-west of Ijeshaland across the River Oshun and some historians note that the present Ijeshas may not have been the aboriginal settlers of ...nquered by the British nor did they willing undergo incorporation into the Nigerian state. However, their internal politics and courting of the British as an e
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  • A Nigerian icon, may well one of the greatest scientists of all times. Described as th ...o the United States and learn a history filtered through the eyes of white historians.
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  • ...and Permanent Representative to the United Nations. He was also the first Nigerian Minister of Foreign Affairs. ...iliated it to the NCNC in 1950. NCNC was later called: National Council of Nigerian Citizens. Concerning Wachuku's New Africa Party, in a letter from London, E
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