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  • ...Sokoto Middle School in the early 1930s. He was later a treasurer for the Sokoto Native Authority and in the 1950s, he entered the Northern regional assembl ...d later taught at the college from 1927-1930. He held the title of Makaman Sokoto.
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  • ...ello Alkamawa''' is a [[Nigeria]]n politician who represented East central Sokoto in the House of Representatives during the nation's pre-independence period ...early 50s, serving as a provincial secretary, he was also a member of the Sokoto Provincial Council.
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  • Ibrahim Gusau is a Nigerian politician from Sokoto who served as the minister of Agriculture and later Industries in the Niger Gusau is a member of the Sokoto Sultanate Council and was a former chairman of Savannah Bank. He was also a
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  • ...urno during the first republic. In 1956, as a development secretary in the Sokoto Native Authority he accompanied [[Ahmadu Bello]] to Mecca. (1) ...critics who derided the move as corrupting Islam. It was not until support from [[Ahmadu Bello]] that the society was accepted by the majority in the mains
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  • ...ut the region's place in an independent Nigeria. As leader of the Northern People's Congress, the party was able to win the 1959 parliamentary elections. How ...the traditional, now honorary, title of "Sarduna" and elevated him to the Sokoto Native Authority Council. In 1948, he was offered a scholarship to study lo
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  • '''Siddiq Abubakar III''' (1903-1988) was the 17th Sultan of Sokoto, he was on the throne for more than 50 years. Prior to becoming Sultan, he In 1943, he had as his adviser, notable Sokoto Scholar, [[Muhammadu Junaidu]]. He was later a minister without Portfolio i
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  • ...oto]] in 1900, detailing the compositions of the Kano emirate's tribute to Sokoto and once trying to persuade Emir Abbas to concede to British rule in Kano. [[Category:People from Kano]]
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  • ...gional legislature has he was able to control a large chunk of the members from Kano. [[Category:People from Kano]]
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  • ..., when he was made Sultan, his appointment drew the ire of many Muslims in Sokoto who demonstrated in streets against the choice of Dasuki as successor to Su .... He later attended [[Barewa College]] with his stay being financed by the Sokoto Native Authority. On completing his secondary education and to fulfill sch
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  • School and Bida Provincial School. His history and geography teacher at Sokoto Middle School was Shehu Shagari. He received his General Certificate of Edu ...interest in industries and he became a shareholder in a tannery located at Sokoto, Nigeria Pipes of [[Kano]], a brick industry at Wurno, Zaki Bottling Compan
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  • b. Abi-Bakr b. Abi-Bakr al Kanawi al Tijani''' was a scholar and trader from [[Kano]] who was of Taureg ancestry, he was a student of the Tijaniyya orde ...on, Falke's father, Abu Bakr b. Abi Bakr and Kubra, a daughter of a ruling Sokoto family. Falke's early childhood was spent in Gulu with his grandparents whi
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  • ...herner of Fulani extraction and holds the title of Turakin Sakkwato in the Sokoto Caliphate. He was a schoolteacher for a brief period before entering politi ...trader and herder. However, due to traditional rites that prevented rulers from participating in business, Aliyu relinquished some of his trading interest
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  • '''Muhammadu Dikko''' was a Emir of Katsina from 1906-1944. Dikko was enthroned by the British colonists largely due to his ...the revolt was regarded as grave and led to the brief exit of the British from Katsina. After their return, the resident asked the then Emir, Sarki Yero a
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  • ...the first of whom was the Rt. Hon. Dr. [[Nnamdi Azikiwe]] who stepped down from the job to become the country's first [[List of Presidents of Nigeria|Head ...ontrol of the Assembly by the ruling [[People's Democratic Party (Nigeria)|People's Democratic Party]] (PDP), the PDP government led by [[Olusegun Obasanjo]]
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  • ...he students religious activities. Within a year, he was transferred to the Sokoto Middle School, where Ahamdu Bello was teaching, there he was acquainted wit ...ifics of his job. He gave private lessons on Islam and tafsir as an escape from his disenchantment.
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  • ...derful rivers are some major rivers in the state. The Kaduna river flowing from east to west through the state, drains an area of about 65,000 square kilom two major seasons, dry season from November to March and the wet season from April to October. The vegetation of the state is tropical grassland in Sout
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  • ...o State) was a Nigerian soldier. He served as the Head of State of Nigeria from January 16, 1966 until he was overthrown and killed in a coup d'état on Ju ...g for the coveted position. A consensus was reached by the ruling Northern People's Congress (NPC) and National Council of Nigerian Citizens (NCNC) coalition
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  • ...held the hereditary title of (Sardauna) of Sokoto, he founded the Northern People's Congress (NPC). ==From self-government to independence==
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