Sule Gaya

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Sule Gaya is a Nigerian politician who was a first republic member of the Northern Nigeria legislature and once served as the parliamentary secretary in the regional ministry of Lands and Survey then headed by Musa Gashash. He later became the regional minister for Local Government.

In 1975, he served as one of the scarce politicians on the Constitutional Drafting Committee set up in the year. The committee was created to produce a constitutional framework for the incoming democratic government.


Gaya was born in 1925 and attended Gaya Junior Primary School and Kano Middle Schools. He started his career as a teacher and once taught at his alma mater, Gaya Junior School, he became a headmaster of Birnin Kudi Primary School in 1952 before he was elected into the regional assembly four years later.

In 1960, he was appointed a minister of state, and then given the position of Minister of Works in 1961. Prior to becoming minister, he was a parliamentary secretary in the regional ministry of Internal Affairs, and later that of Lands and Survey.