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Congratulations!!!! You did it! 1,000 pages. This definitely calls for a celebration. Great work.
[[Adagogo Jaja]]
[[Segun Osoba]]
[[Alade Odunewu]]
[[Ochie ogbuaku]]
[[Peter Osugo]]
[[Sam Amuka]]
[[Aremu Alabi]]
[[Gbolabo Ogunsanwo]]
[[Clement Okosun]]
[[Tunji Oseni]]
*[[Nigerian Standard]] Plateau
*[[The Herald]], Kwara
*[[The Voice]], Benue
*[[Triumph]], Kano
*[[Weekly Scope]]
*[[The Statesman]]
*Theresa Bowyer
*Theresa Bowyer
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*[[Simi Johnson]]
*[[Simi Johnson]]
*[[Dele Santos]]
*[[Dele Santos]]
Hi Deji,
We plan to soon try to get this site launched and officially presented to Nigeria, schools and Government. A full grand launching is due. We want to start planning and pushing all possible connections to get to the Presidency level so it can hopefully be this years independence Gift of hope and pride to Nigeria.
You have given this project amazing life and potential. Hopefully if we can get it the launching you will be there to give a presentation as the sites chief editor.
Please give us suggestions and start planning and doing what you can to make this possible. Also tell us your hopes and dreams for this masterpiece. I see NigerianWiki as the most important educative site about Nigeria right now.
Please give me a call if you can anytime- 6464726990.
Thanks for all you do.
== hi ==
Hi Aus,
We really appreciate the nice work you put in, and hope u aren't going away for too long. Hope all is well.
We hope to officially launch and give NigeriwnWiki to Nigerians on or around this independence, and hope to be capable enough to do this to the degree it deserves.
It's just about 2-3 others of us who are part of this as you are, and honestly we are extremely busy with some other projects, also for betering Nigeria...this keeps those of us behind it from doing much editing, and we really are grateful to you.
How do we stream books, is scanning the pages with a normal scanner and uploading with adobe the way to go? And I and an M.D, with little knowledge on copy rights. If u are sure of the copy right expiration of that book, I can/will get someone to scan it/them and we will get with our webmaster to see the best way to incorporate this.
We also registered http://youtube.com/nigerianwiki but haven't yet been able to kick that up.
Thanks for your suggestions and work, please keep it on, and stay in touch.
On the books, I think the History of the Yorubas is safe, some of the early books may be immaterial to contemporary/post modern period but some on proverbs or history of towns/personalities and titles may be worth salvaging. I know one can transmit printed works to a CD then upload it to the computer but the whole process may add extra expenses. It just something I think may take the site up a bit it terms of respectability though, I think it is fine now, but to give it interesting projects that is of value to readers.
email me if you have some interesting workable projects that is relatively inexpensive or less time consuming. The Bascom collection is a tough cookie more than I realise, it is not in standard library but an highly regulated one so it may take time to get all materials.
== Hello! ==
We missed you!
Thanks Lekan, its been a long time, sadly I have some other assignments and it may take me from active participation but hopefully in the long run I will be very active.

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