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Samanja Mazan Fama

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Samanja Mazan Fama was a show originally broadcast on NTA Kaduna and radio Kaduna in 1973 but later placed on the national network in the late 1980s. The show's main protagonist was a character played a popular writer and actor from Northern Nigeria, Usman Baba Pategi.

[edit] Samanja

After starring in Yusuf's Ladan's 'Zaman Duniya Iyawa Ne', Pategi went on to have a starring vehicle in Samanja which means sergeant-major. The play center's around his character's antics and mixes comedy and drama to entertain the audience. The show's setting is a barrack and illustrates various situations and escapes of Pategi's character in the barracks. The show gained popularity and Pategi's character's verbal style changed from Hausa and 'soldier speak', a mixed English and Hausa language to pidgin.

[edit] References

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