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News: Peterson wants to go to Dallas Cowboy to play
As the residents of Texas, Adrian Peterson has always hoped to go to Dallas cowboy, and Minnesota Weijin also understands that they have a star in the next season's helmet.

In addition 49 people still intend to give Jason - Ta Fuer (Jason Tarver) as a linebacker coach, but new coach Jim - Tom Sura (Jim Tomsula) are still not identified a good candidate. 49 is currently the only team in the league and there is no offensive defensive coordinator of the team.

According to NFL NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport, Buffalobier will cut off the original first round of Show outside Kirman. Coleman was traded by Brown in Bill in August, saving a seven-round sign for Brown.

After the race is ugly to Arizona, Kelly has no choice but to make the substitute four-dimensional Navin-Katin Kaepernick instead of Bulin-Gabbert. The 49 people won the 49 consecutive games before Gabot.

Manning is currently getting 48218 yards, which means that he can take 6 games from 50,000 yards, and the big purchase of 46,814 yards means that there may be 11 games, Rivers get 45,833 yards, which means that 16 games may be required.

Kelly confirmed that Karenick's contract does not affect his decision. Previously, 49 people and Capenke were close to the restructuring contract, which would reduce the team that the team feels due to injuries to the income terms.

Labodport also pointed out that Koleman was traded to a new team on 8.5th, this time is a bit short of the location of the big list. Coleman eventually played 3 episodes of Bill, participated in the 57-file attack, 6 times as a pass target, only completed a ball, and pushed 7 yards.

Although the time is too short, Coleman's performance is not good. He has only $ 1.5 million in 2018, but it is still unhappy to keep him. In fact, cutting Coleman will let Bill lose the salary space, but the team believes that this outer hand has no improvement, it is better to cut him out.

49 people intend to invite Manji Ni as the team's defensive coordinator
Ian NFL famous media people - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that the San Francisco 49ers on Wednesday and the team tight end coach Eric - Man Jini (Eric Mangini) as the team's defensive coordinator on whether jobs regarding the exchange. It is interesting that the day before the Oakland Raiders just Manji Ni and discuss matters relating to the post as defensive coordinator.

Capenke is a lot of attention due to national anthem protests. But on the field, he only won the three-speed appearance time this year. At the same time, Excellent Gibot, which is the first four-dimensional guard team, is 9 wins and 31 losses. He didn't have the ball and the bad choice for the fans.

As early as December 2013, Peterson said he considers him to go to the state where his hometown is located, cowboy or Texas. It is reported that Peterson also communicated with Jerry Jones to go to the cowboy. Currently, the cowboy is actively leaving Demark Murray and Dem Bryant, but Murray's contract may be very low. If Murre leaves, then Portson will be very good. The replacement candidates, and we all know, Jones will do this because he is not afraid that there are troublesome players outside the field.

Front Buffalo Biller is expected when joining the team when joining the team, but he only brought 23 times a whole season, advanced 239 yards, and does not comply with his expectations when signing. Chandler's appearance time has also gradually decreased in the season, which is not related to his struggle in the cover.

For these three quarter-off guards, they are only a team effectiveness and play outstanding, and the draft will usually have a team to do, such as Buffalo Bill. They selected four-point guard J.P. Rosman (J.P. Losman) in the same year, but he only passed 6211 yards.

But according to the reporter, Viking does not want to trader Peterson, even if the transaction, he will not send cowboy. As soon as the boss and general manager of Viking in front of the front, they hope that Peterson can return next season.

Three 04th quarters or milestones in the new season
Beijing July 16th, only 6 players in the history of cheap nfl jerseys from china exceeded 50000 yards. The 5000-yard club may have 9 players before the end of the 2017 season. These three are from the same NFL draft.

These three quarters were selected in the 2004 elected show, Manning is the champion, and was selected by San Diego lightning, and then and was exchanged by the New York giant in the fourth time. Bottom is selected by the Pittsburgh steel candidate in the eleventh.

Patriot announces the trust of Rayel and Chandler
On Wednesday, the patriot declared two personnel adjustments, cut off the exterior of Brandon Lafell and near-Termotler. This is not unexpected, although Rafael completed 74 battles in the 2014 season, the 953 yard was pushed to create a career, but he was trapped last season, and his poorly stripping status directly affected his future in the team.