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Aliyu Ocheje Obaje, is a Nigerian traditional titled chief who was conferred with the title of Attah of Igala in 1956.

Obaje was born in 1920 in Atoda village to the family of Attah Ocheje Obaje. He was educated at Dekina Elementary School and the Teachers Training Institute, Ibadan. He also went to the Institute of Administration, Zaria where he later taught. He also taught at the In-Service Training Center, Kaduna. In 1956, after the death of Atah Ameh Oboni, and backed by the Igala Divisional Union and the colonial policy demanding a literate Attah, (1) he became the Attah in 1956. In 1959, the Attah became a first class chief in Nigeria and two years later was appointed a minister without portfolio. He was also an adviser to the Northern Government in the Constitutional Conference of 1958, London and 1959, Lagos.

He presently heads the Kogi State Council of Chiefs and is one of the longest serving monarchs in Nigeria. He has seen the Igala region transformed from inadequate schools and hospitals to one with available social amenities.

Obaje once served as the Chancellor of the University of Lagos.