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No figures exist on the number of people killed during the Nigerian civil war that raged from 1967 to 1970, but the Annang suffered disproportionately. A combination of their suppot for the Biafra course along with squabbles in the Ibibio State Union led to the extermination of Annang leaders. Those who served in both the Eastern House of Assembly, the regional executives, the federal legislature and the federal executives left their posts to escape the killings led by the Hausas.

Back in the east, as the war raged, these leaders became sitting targets for those who supported other political parties. Since most of the Annang were supporters of the Igbo-led NCNC before the war, they were seen as enemies by members of the other parties and were sytematically exterminated. Some Nigerian army officers colluded with the Annang enemies and went from house to house picking up these Annang leaders. Family members were told that the commanding officer needed them to answer some questions or help with projects. Taken from their homes, they were never heard from anymore some articles of clothing were sometimes found on the street and became the only clue that they were murdered.

Today, the country has moved on, but for the families who lost their son, daughter, father, mother, and grandfather there is no closure. Today we look at the Nigerian civil war as history but for those who grew up without a father or mother the scar is still fresh. The Annang war dead has not been given a befitting burial. They were murdered by those who wanted to grab and keep power. Today the Annang people are treated as a conquered people and have consistently been denied a state through which the country's wealth is shared. We need answers and we need closure. Many of these murderers are still walking free today. but no matter how long truth is suppressed it shall be revealed.