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Basil. C. Okwu was a former member of the Eastern Nigeria House of Assembly in the Nigerian First republic. He was chief whip of the assembly and later became regional minister of Information and then that of health. During the second republic, he was an elected senator.


Basil Okwu was born in August 1923 to the family of Okwu Nvu. He was educated at St Mary's Catholic School, Achi, St Paul's School Eke, St Patrick's School, Enugu and St Charles Training College, Onitsha. Thereafter, he joined the teaching profession. He worked with some schools affiliated with the Catholic mission in the late 1940s and was also a member of the Awgu Divisional Council. He later became the council's president.

In 1952, he became an elected member of the Eastern assembly.

He is the father of Maxi Okwu

Electoral history

1979, Anambra Central senatorial election

  • B.C. Okwu NPP 135, 538
  • Prof Godwin Odenigwe NPN 52,918
  • William Nwodo PRP 4,284
  • Don Ike UPN 3,106



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