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Beach Resorts


A trip of about 30 minutes or so on the 87 kilometer Lagos-Badagry expressway will take you to Badagry town.A historical town with the reputation of being a center of slave trade in the 1800s.Off the ancient town and parallel to the Badagry-seme Expressway(Nigeria's gateway to the Ecowas sub-region) stand the pleasant and fascinating beach which provides excellent holiday resort..

Picnickers and visitors to the beach who are unaccustomed to the tropical sun are advised to wear hats as it can be warm at mid-day.They however have the option of either setting up their picnic in the coconut grove or renting small seaside huts if they choose to stay in the shade.


The Bar beach is easily one of the earliest and most popular and frequented beaches in the state.It is situated on the Victoria Island, Lagos. Current efforts to find a permanent solution to the erosion problem of the Bar beach reclamation and development into a multi-purpose tourism gateway commenced in Dec. 2005.

Visitors will enjoy the tropical Atlantic breeze from the Barbeach, which is the part of the Larger Gulf of Guinea.

ELEKO BEACH (Kayetoro-Eleko Beach)

Situated along one of the state's Atlantic corridor by the Kaiyetoro-Eleko-Okun Folu Coastal Road in ibeju-Lekki Local Government Area.The Kaiyetoro-Eleko beach stands out as one of the serene,clean,and most beautiful beaches in the state. It is specially recommended for fatigued and depressed souls in search of refreshing and rejuvenating relaxation.Fun-seekers, beach combers and holidaymakers will also find the atmosphere soothing and will thus be in a relaxed mood.

Visitors to the beach will, of course, enjoy a ride along the four-kilometer coastal road into the bargain.

LEKKI BEACH (Maiyegun Beach)

One beach,Two different names.The two names of Lekki Beach and Maiyegun Beach are united in a single Beach,which has, in it's relative short years of existence,proven to be a popular holiday resort and seaside retreat for individuals desirous of an escape and freedom from the chores of everyday living.

By maiyegun beach is implied that he beach is situated by the settlement of maiyegun,which is located at the beginning of the Lekki Peninsula.Hence the reference to the beach as Lekki Beach.It is a well-organized beach fitted with such amenities and conveniences as a parking lot, relaxing chairs and beach tents.It has hosted many musical concerts and jamborees,notably the Lekki sun splash musical concerts,which has in recent times turned out to be a yearly occurrence.Musical shows are also held during Christian and Muslim festival featuring local and foreign artistes.Also of note is that the seaside studio of a popular Lagos F.M Radio station Rhythm 93.7 is within its territory.


Like the Bar beach, Tarkwa Bay/ Light House Beach is one of the earliest beaches on the southern borders of the state to be nurtured into tourist attractions.The beaches are reached only by boat across the Lagos harbor and are quite safe for water skiers.Long walks,swimming.surfing and surf riding are popular events at this relatively quiet and peaceful beach at Apapa.

Fortunately,chairs and tents can be rented there so visitors and tourist alike could relish the bracing breeze and monitor the arrival and mooring of ships at the Lagos Harbor and Apapa Port.The Light-house beach has east-west moles guarding the harbor mouth.


The same as the Lagos Bar beaches it derives its name from the Kuramo Lake that borders it.This beach has over the years become a hot spot. It is home to various relaxation outlets that offer various types of services to visitors. Various seaside bars, soup kitchens barbecue joints etc. There is also a variety of musical shows and jamborees staged at one time or the other. kuramo is a fertile place to unwind and relax.


This is the ultra modern Eko tourist Beach Resort, designed to open up the tourism corridor and facilitate private sector participation in tourism development. It is located on the Akodo beach. Chalets, amusement parks and rides, and a serene swimming beach are features of this resort. Akodo is the baby of the Lagos state Government.