Ejike Chidolue

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Ejike Chidolue (1911) was a Nigerian politician from Onitsha who was a member of the Eastern House of Assembly during the nation's pre-independence period.

Born on January 5, 1911 to Ogbuefi Ajalfue chidolue, he started his education at C.M.S. Central School, Nnewi and then attended Dennis Memorial Grammar School, Onitsha. He then took courses in survey at the Ibadan Survey Technical School. He started out working as a surveyor for the Nigerian Survey department in 1930 and was in the dept for 13 years before joining the private sector as a surveyor in 1943.

During the preparations for self rule, he was an active member in the vibrant Onitsha political scene, first as a councilor in 1951 and then a member of the N.C.N.C. executive committee of Onitsha. He was thereafter elected into the Eastern House of Assembly. He was also a member of the Nigerian Cement Company and the Eastern Regional Development Corporation.