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Dr. Jacyee Aniagolu-Johnson is a Nigerian-born United States citizen and the daughter of Justice Anthony Aniagolu, a retired Nigerian Supreme Court Justice. She is a trained scientist who is currently a pharmaceutical industry drug safety principal consultant (a Director of Pharmacovigilance and Risk Management and a signal analysis subject matter expert), who holds a doctorate degree in Microbiology (with specialization in Molecular Immunology) from the Howard University College of Medicine, USA. She is the author of many peer-reviewed scientific papers, and applied for a patent for a scientific methodology assay in 1996.

Dr. Jacyee Aniagolu-Johnson is also an inspirational Christian writer, a recipient of the “Woman of Excellence Award” for her previous fiction work “Mikela: Memoirs of a Maasai Woman,” and a former columnist for the "African Weekender," an Ohio-based magazine. She is soon to release her Christian non-fiction book series, “RAYS OF VICTORY.” The first book of the series to be published is “NAILING RACISM TO THE CROSS."