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Mohammed Muhtari, Sarkin Bai was a district head of Dambatta, Kano and a member for Kano South West in the House of Representatives in the 1950s and 60s where he once served as chief whip. He was also known in the house for moving a motion of censure against Wachuku, the Nigerian minister of external affairs for a speech he made at the United Nations General Assembly.

After the military incursion into governance in the mid 1960s, he became kano state commissioner for Education.

Muhtari was also a king maker in kano.


Muhtari was born in 1926 to the family of Mohammed Adananu, Sarkin Bai. He attended the Dambatta Elementary, Kano Middle School and the Clerical Training College, Zaria. He also spent some stints at the man-O-War training camp and studied local government and Nigeria products and trade. He started work as a scribe in Kano for Ringuri and Babura district. He later worked for the Kano N/A and as a scribe in Dambatta before he was appointed district head of Dambatta. In 1954, he became the 7th Sarkin Bai of kano making him a member of the Kano Emirate Council. He succeeded his father in the position and contributed to various peaceful initiatives between the diverse people of Kano, the North and the country.

Electoral history

1959 Dambatta parliamentary election

  • Mohammed Muhtari NPC - 25,461
  • M.N. Zakariyan NEPU - 1,813
  • Nuhu Alliu AG - 169

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