Otu Odu

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Is the most prominent women's social organizations in Onitsha. It is an ancient institution which provides a pedestal on which dignity of womanhood is elevated.

A member at all times wears large ivory bangles on her hands and legs as a distinctive mark of nobility, although in modern time some members wear the bangles only on special occasions.

During the initiation ceremony known as "Ikwo aka Odu', an initiation name or title is conferred on the candidate , and from then onward, she is expressly addressed by the title name before her surname. Apart from special initition title, a member of the society is generally addressed "Iyom".

However, the Otu Odu Society is not identical with men's Agbalenze Society, for while the former is purely social, the latter is essentially religious as it carries the dignity of priesthood. Nevertheless, the two organizations are highly revered by the body-politic.

Members of the Otu Odu Society are pre-eminent in women's society generally and more often than not, it is from among the rank that female chiefs are appointed to the Omu's cabinet.

During the second burial ceremonies of a deceased member, a cow and a number of goats are slaughtered among other things, as in the case of a deceased Ozo titled man.