Royal Niger Constabulary

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Royal Niger Company's Constabulary was a policing and quasi military force of the Royal Niger Company. The company was a conglomeration of various British firms trading along the Niger River. On July 10, 1886, it was granted a charter to control the trade along the river and enclosed in the charter was the power to administer a constabulary. The constabulary was established in 1888 and after the colonial authorities assumed control of the monopolistic charter of the Royal Niger Company, the force was later used by the British colonial authorities to administer its control over the hinterland areas of Nigeria. (1)

After the proclamation of the Northern and Southern Nigeria protectorates in the 1900s, the constabulary was part of the newly created Northern Nigeria police force and the Northern Nigeria Regiment. Also in the period, the constabulary was merged with the Niger Coast Constabulary and the 3rd Battalion of the West African Field Force to form the Southern Nigeria Regiment. (2)

The Constabulary in the early 1890s was comprised of about 500 hundred men from the Fanti, Hausa and Yoruba areas of West Africa. They were commandeered by a British officer and made use of rifles and wore khaki pants and shirts.