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Samuel Akinsanya (1898) was a Nigerian paramount ruler who was the Odemo of Ishara. He served as the vice president of the Nigerian Youth Movement and was one of the organization's founders. The movement started by him and some notable men such as Ernest Ikoli, J.C. Vaughn and H.O. Davies was originally intended to act as a movement to augment the educational structures of Lagos and Nigeria and to extend educational opportunities for Nigerians. However, in 1941, he lost a battle with some notable NYM members to represent Lagos in the legislative council. Along with Nnamdi Azikiwe, he decided to leave the movement.


Akinsanya was born on August 1, 1898, to the family of Mrs and Mr Samuel Aknsanya of Ishara. He went to the Anglican School in Ishara and started work as a short hand typist and writer. He was a typist from 1916-1931 before moving further to become an organising secretary for the Nigerian Produce Traders and President of the Nigerian Motor Transport Union.

He was also a founding member of the Action Group, a member of the Western House of Assembly and the region's House of Chiefs.

In 1963, he had his salary reduced to a penny as a result of his steadfast resolve not to join the dominant party in the region.