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Sunday Dankaro (1930-12006) was a Nigerian businessman and sports administrator who was chairman of the Nigerian Football Association from 1974-1980 and the Nigerian Sports Commission. As chairman of NFA, he had the fortune of seeing the green eagles capture its first African Nation's cup trophy which later eanred many of the footballers cars, houses and awards. From 1963-1968, he served as the chief marketing officer of the Northern Nigeria Marketing Board and previously served as a cooperative inspector.

In the late 1960s, he partnered with Ali Akilu in a textile venture. Ali Akilu later died in a car accident on a trip to Kano, along with Akilu in the car were Dankaro and his wife, daughter and cousin-in-law.


Dankaro was born in Minna to a family of Jukun heritage from Takum; his father was a Sudan Interior Mission printer. Dankaro and his brothers grew up in the city of Jos, he and his brothers, David and John enjoyed playing football at a young age, John later earned a shirt on the Nigerian team that toured Europe in 1949 along with Teslim Balogun, Etim Henshaw and Daniel Anyiam. Dankaro attended St Luke's School, Jos, the Jos Government School, and Barewa College where he was made head boy. He later attended a cooperative college in England and the Harvard Business school.

Dankaro's first worked as a cooperative inspector in Kaduna right after high school. He got employed as a grade III inspector and was subsequently transfered to his childhood town of Jos where he was involved in supervising cooperative societies. By 1954, he was made a grade I inspector. He left the sector in 1957 and got employment with Mobil oil, he was with the oil firm for about 6 years, two of which was spent in Boston studying at the Harvard Business School. However, sensing better use of his qualifications than at Mobil which still paid better enumerations to expatriates many of whom were less qualified than Dankaro, he joined the Northern Nigeria Marketing Board as chief marketing officer on resigning from Mobil in 1963. However, the board was beset with many problems such as loan defaults, as many licensed buying agents given loans to execute purchase of stated commodities took the money and invested in other sectors. When the military came in 1966, the board went through re-organization, Dankaro left the firm in 1969 and formed a firm with Ali Akilu called Arewa United Stores. He later joined as textile group, Speco where he rose to become its chairman.

As a businessman, he was invested in various aspects of the Nigerian economy including the food services sector, oil, textiles and insurance.