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Tijjaniya is an Islamic order. Based on the teachings of the holy Prophet Muhammed PBUH and 100% working on the Revealed Holy Islamic book: The Qur'an. Since the arrival of Islam to Nigeria, Sufism was the order and the entire Muslims of the country and West Africa in general got theirs through the medium. The Tijjanis got the order through a great Muslim Scholar Sheikh Ahmad Tijjani of Morocco in Northern Africa. Another mighty Scholar was Sheikh Ibrahim Nyass of Kaolack in Senegal who brought the order to Nigeria. All their teachings are under the ways of Imam Malik, and today, Tijjaniya is global.

Some of the great scholars following the order are: Sheikh Tahir Uthman Bauchi, Sheikh Ahmed Tijjani Yan Mota, Kano, Caliph Ishaq Rabiu, Its Caliph in Nigeria, Sheikh Abul Fatah Maiduguri, Sheikh Muhammed Salga Kano and so many others. For more info: http://www.nooralanoor.com, Tijjaniya in the US, http://www.tijjaniyaonline.com, in South Africa.