Usman Maidawa

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Usman Maidawa was a wealthy Hausa businessman from Kano who was sometimes resident in Bornu province during the 1920s when he was involved in the relatively long distance trade of the period, before ht advent of motor transport.

He was from the Madigawa quarters of Kano city.


Maidawa started trade with Bornu prior to colonization in 1902 and was then involved with the long distance trade of caravans. While traveling to Borno, he stayed at the resident of Mallam Shuaibu who later became his father-in-law. On marrying Shuaibu's daughter, he purchased a house in the Hausa quarters of Yerwa.

The major products he brought to Yerwa from Kano were dyed cloths, kolanuts, horse decoration ornaments and red caps. he usually sold the products to retailers who further distributed the goods to the various towns in the province such as Monguno and Dikwa.

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