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Usman Sarki was a Nigerian paramount chief who was Etsu Nupe. Prior to becoming a titled chief, he was the federal minister of Internal Affairs and was replaced in 1962 by Shehu Shagari.

In 1966, he was part of a Northern delegation to deliberate in meetings between the major regions after the coups of 1966.


Sarki was born in Bida to Saidu, Etsu Nupe an Emir of Bida. He attended Bida Middle School and Kaduna College and in 1955, he took a course on development economics at the University of Ibadan's Extra Mural Studies dept. Sarki later worked in the Bida Native Authority as an engineering assistant and later as the supervisor of Works.

After becoming a member of the Federal House of Representatives, he was appointed as the parliamentary secretary for Works and Surveys in 1955.

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