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Abdullahi Maikano Dutse was a Nigerian politician who was Minister of Local Government in Northern Nigeria during the nation's liberation period. He was also a former provincial president representing Kano in the Northern People's Congress. His resignation in 1957 to become a minister sparked controversy as three major candidates, two of whom were future candidates for federal elections battled for the post of provincial president. However, he later resigned his ministerial position to return to Kano as the provincial president after battling opposition from the Emir of Kano, Sanusi and Ibrahim Gashash. (1)


Dutse was born in 1915 to Alhaji Sulaimanu who was the district head of Dutse, in present day Jigawa State. He went to the Shahuci Elementary School, and then attended Kano Middle School. He later took courses at the Kano Provincial School and the Katsina Training College. He started work at the Kano Native Authority as the water supply reader in 1935. A year later, he moved to Bichi to become the district's scribe. He returned to the Kano Native Authority in 1939 and worked in the tax office and also as a senior assistant chief clerk.

He rose thereafter to various positions in Kano including serving as the head of NPC"s kano province and vice chair of the Kano Native Authority Outer Council.


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