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Agbalaniregwu (Commoners)

The strength of Onitsha democracy are the common citizens, otherwise called Agbalaniregwu. Although they are not titled men and women, yet they are the bulwark of body-politics. They are the fuel which supplies power to the administrative machinery of the community.

What regards their interest is regarded as paramount in the intricate manipulation of human relations in order to maintain peace, and good government. Social reforms are effected primarily to ensure social justice for the greatest good of the greatest number of people.

Matters affecting the general welfare of the people are handled with great importance. In other words, any complaints brought up by them through any of their media of expression are quickly looked into and what is likely to develop into a social or political upheaval is nipped in the bud.

Certain matter of importance, such as the selection of a new Obi of Onitsha requires the unanimous public sanction of the common people before an Obi-elect begins his coronation ceremonies.

It falls within the prerogative of the people to take a vote of no confidence in the public against a recalcitrant Ndiche, and therefore boycott his public performances.

Stretched to it's logical conclusion, the Agbalaniregwu may declare "war" against the faction of such Ndiche in order to decide an important national issue.