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Anthony Eronsel Oseghale Enahoro is a Nigerian stateman, journalist and politician from Edo state who was vice president of the Action Group in the early 1960s.

Early life

Enahoro was born on July 22, 1923 to Mr Asuliemen Okotako Enahoro. He attended Government School, Uromi and King's College, Lagos. While at the later, he worked for the college's magazine

Journalism career

Enahoro is noteworthy for being one of the youngest ever editors of a Nigerian newspaper when he was editor of the Southern Nigerian Defender in 1944. He began his career in journalism with the Zik group of newspapers and started out as an apprentice reporter before becoming a sub-editor, assistant editor and editor of the Defender. In 1945, he was moved to the newly purchased Comet, where he became the editor. Armed with the teachings of Pandit Nehru, he used the Comet as an avenue to re-invigorate the youths and trade unions in the cause of nationalism. His stint at the Comet also earned him, jail time, he was imprisoned thrice starting in 1945 However, this did not deter his readers as he became even more popular.

Political career

In 1951, Enahoro joined the political arena when he won a regional parliamentary election into the Western House of Assembly. From the assembly, he was nominated to become a member of the House of Representatives, a regional Home Affairs minister and then leader of the Western House of Assembly. In the early 1960s, he was foreign minister of a shadow government and in 1962, along with some Action Group members, he was sought for questioning on charges of treason.(1) Though, some critics assert the charges were made to discredit the opposition. Enahoro is also known for moving a motion for self government on March 31, 1953, which ended up precipitating a crisis.

After the break up of the first republic, he emerged as the Minister of Information in the government of General Gowon. He was also the president of FESTAC in the early 1970s. During the Nigerian second republic, he was affiliated with the National Party of Nigeria.

In the 1990's Enahoro emerged as the leader of a pro democracy group called NADECO.

Lately, he is seen as an advocate of a sovereign national conference as an opportunity to restructure the country.


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