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Also the 'Brazilian social club
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Afro-Brazillian communities in Nigeria as well as across West Africa, are common and resulted from former slaves in Brazil returning to Africa in the 19th century.

We find evidence of these in Ghana too, as the Tabom people, who spoke portugese, and were branded 'Tabom', because this was the response to the greeting,- 'Como esta' in Portugese.

Afro-Brazilians can also be found in Togo, Chacha of Benin(Fransisco Felix de Souza) used to reign, and his royal lineage still remains.

Brazilian and other foreign names are common in Lagos Islan, Isale Eko, names like Silvia,.........

The return of these slaves was either due to their decision to return en mass, or deportation by the Portugese government after a Muslim organized revolution, the Male Revolt.

Brazilian carnivals are still a yearly colorful occurence in lagos island, and these parades bear all sembelence to those held in the originator nations. <picture>

In Ghana, the famed leader of the Afro-Brazilian 'Tabom' people when they settled was Nii Azumah Nelson, and a popular Nigerian family, the Brimahs who migrated to Ghana from Ilorin, Kwara state after a political situation, the head of this family was given an important Afro-Brazilian daughter, Ms Fatima Peregrinos hand in marriage. The Brimahs later were crowned in Ghana, and are today the 'King of the Migrant community' in Ghana today, with a child of Fatima Peregrino, Alhaji Aziz Peregrino-Brimah the current Chief in Ghana.