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NigerianWiki is compiling a list of valiant Nigerians. These dynamic Nigerians revolutionizing Nigeria's history is publicly selected. So we are recieving suggestions from you on people to include in this list, or you might edit the page yourself to add people you deem worthy. Note all edits are subject to review.

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Other News

ECOWAS passports now issued

The Nigeria Immigrations Service has commenced the issuance of the new ECOWAS passport to Nigerian citizens, This passport supersedes the formerly issued 'Green' Passport. The new ECOWAS passport still uses the same colour schemes as the former passports (green=standard, red=official, blue=diplomatic). The new passport is issued at a cost of N8,750.00 It boasts new security measures to make it difficult to counterfeit. More details can be found on the Nigeria Immigrations Service website.link title