John Myles Abbott

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John Myles Abbott (1906) was a British judge who was a Justice of the Nigerian Supreme Court from 1957-1961. He was also the Chief Justice of Bermuda from 1961-1971.


John Abbott was born to the family of Mr and Mrs Edmund Abbott on February 27, 1906. He attended Northwood Preparatory School and King's School, Canterbury.

After completing his studies, he became a solicitor of the Supreme Court of Jidicature, England. He was a solicitor in England until 1936, when he became as Assistant Crown Solictor in Hong Kong. He was subsequently called to the bar in November, 1940 and later became a crown counsel (Hong Kong) in 1941-1946. He left Hong Kong for Ethiopia, where he was the president of the Ethiopian High Court. In 1950, he became a Puisne Judge in Nigeria and in 1955, became a judge of the Supreme Court of Nigeria.(1)