Jonas Assadugu

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Jonah Assadugu (1918) is a Nigerian politician of Bachama heritage who represented Numan district in the House of Representatives during the pre-liberation and liberation period. He was also a leader of the United Middle Belt Congres.


Jonah was born on August 15, 1918. He married Fridah Nzawato.

He attended S.U.M. Training School, Numan and later went to E.T.C. Numan before joining the Nigerian army in 1936. He then served the British interest as a soldier in East Africa and Burma during World War 2. In 1949, he joined the Middle Belt political scene as the field secretary of the Middle Zone League. He also became a member of the Numan Divisional Council. During the early 50s, he was a member of various political organizations around Numan, including the Numan Youth Club, Bachama District Council and Numan Town Council.

He ran for the headship of the United Middle Belt Congress.

Electoral history

1959 Numan federal elections

  • Jonah Assadugu AG - 6,668
  • Manassah Daniel Ind - 6,557
  • Bappa Shellen NPC - 5,636
  • Jeiel Binauto NEPU - 1,200
  • Ardo Sira Ind - 286



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