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The National Cereals Research Institute also known as NCRI is a Nigerian agricultural research center with a station headquarters in Badeggi, Niger state and a research focus on the Middle Belt region of Nigeria. It was established in 1975 as a successor of the Federal Agricultural Research Station or Federal Department of Agricultural food and soil research unit which had been in existence since 1898 when it was research division established by Alfred Malony.


The staff caters to research with growing interest on genetic improvements of various food crops including maize, sugarcane, rice, cowpeas, Soyabean, benniseed, other legumes and also conducts research on pasture agronomy, soil fertility, agric mechanization, economics and statistics. At inception, it listed numerous research projects, though some critics lamented the lack of balance between the number of programs and the few research scientists on staff. (1) Prior to a restructuring in 1975, the previous Federal Agricultural Research station which later became the Federal Department of Agricultural Research (1945) engaged in numerous studies on various food crops.

Lately, the institute which develops prototypes of new varieties of seeds, agro technology innovations and projects is promoting a technology for producing brown sugar and rice milling technology.