Nigerian Institute for Oil Palm Research

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The Nigerian Institute for Oil Palm Research (NIFOR) is a research center primarily dealing with palm tree but also includes research on other tree crops mostly coconut. It has its origins in 1952 when the West African Institute of Oil Palm Research was established, the West African center served the British West African territory on matters affecting the tropical tree crop, palm. It started operation with the acquisition of facilities of the Department of Agriculture station in Benin established in 1939; in 1964, the Nigerian Research Institutes Act 1964 created four research institutes including NIFOR which replaced the West African institute. The institute succeeded early on in the breeding of stable high yielding palm varieties, introduction of efficient methods of oil extracting, large scale seedling production for distribution and improvement in soil fertility. Lately, it went through a period of underfunding and lack of proper maintenance of its administrative buildings.

The institute is known for some innovative palm processing and milling methods it has produced some fitting the Nigerian small holding farmers practices.

The institute published an annual report and later a journal.

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