Oguntola Sapara

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Oguntola Sapara (Alexander Johnson Williams) was a Nigerian medical doctor who was of Sierra Leonean birth.

Oguntola came to Lagos in 1876 and went to C.M.S. Grammar School to continue with his education in the new colony. He started work as an apprentice in the printing division of the government and was there for three years before moving to work as an assistant dispenser at the colonial hospital. However, he spent another three years at the government dispensary before opening his own dispensary in Ghana. He was in Ghana for a few years before deciding to study medince abroad. He attended the Universities of Edinburgh and Glasgow and obtained honours in midwifery.

He returned to Lagos in 1895 and entered the public sector as a medical officer. Relatively, he served in the public sector for a long period of time while using his knowledge and position to promote a few projects including the construction of a modern maternity hospital. He was also deeply involved the the study of smallpox.