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AC Onyeabo

Alphonso Chukuma Onyeabo

Was the first Anglican Bishop of Onitsha. He was made Bishop in 1937

He was trained at the C.M.S Training institution Oyo before the creation of separate diocese for the eastern religion. 1905 == Niger Mission saw a need to adopt a compromise dialect if the Bible was to be translated into a generally understood Igbo. CMS(Church Missionary Group) sent missionaries from Onitsha to Owerri to see about locating the headquarters of Igbo language studies there. Egbu was reported to be the best place. It was near Owerri and, would be the ideal site, because the purest Igbo dialect was spoken there. CMS approved. September 1906 Alphonsus Onyeabo, an Onitsha-born catechist who later became a bishop arrived at Egbu, accompanied by T. D. Anyaegbunam and opened a station.

Inspite of the extraordinary movement towards christianity, there was hardly any igbo's in the church hierchy. Neither Roman Catholics or Protestants trained igbos to be prests or pastors. In 1914 there was only one igbo trained and ordained as a CMS Pastor--Rev. A.C Onyeabo

He was The evolution of secondary education 1900-1914 He was part of the Anglican Church movement 1874 to 1954

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A short biography of the late Bishop Alphonso Chukuma Onyeabo, O.B.E (Unknown Binding)

by Eunice Chukuedo Okediadi (Author)

Unknown Binding: 15 pages
Publisher: s.n (1956)
Language: English


Niger Ibos 1st Edition
by G.T. Basden
ISBN13: 9781135378110
ISBN10: 1135378118 
Biography of Late Bishop Alphonso Chukwma Onyeabo O.B.E
Port Harcourt: C.M.S, Niger press, 1956 13p
Call No# MF-929 CAMP 
Ibadan no. 076

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