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Richard Akinwande Savage was a Nigerian medical doctor from Lagos who practiced medicine in the West African region during the beginning of the twentieth century. He was a medical officer in the old cape coast and also in Ghana and Nigeria.


Richard Savage was born in Lagos in 1874. He went to C.M.S. Grammar School and later studied medicine at the University of Edinburgh where he finished in 1905. At Edinburgh, he participated in a few student organizations including membership of the Student Representative Council and sub-editor of the 'The Student', a university journal.

His enthusiasm for journalism led him to start the Nigerian Spectator in May, 1923. The Spectator was a weekly published every Saturday in Lagos. He made use of the paper to engage in an unsuccessful campaign for a legislative council seat.

He was also remembered as one of the outstanding vocational writers of his time though he had opposition among some educated class in Lagos for his penchant on using abusive language and his sometimes anti Herbert Macaulay stand.(1)


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