S.C.O.A., Nigeria

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S.C.O.A. Nigeria, or Societe Commerciale de l'Ouest Africaine is a relatively large Nigerian trading conglomerate. In 1986, it was listed as one of the largest companies operating in Africa with significant foreign shareholding. (1)

The larger SCOA company became prominent during the colonial period as one of the leading French companies operating in Francophone, West Africa. It firmly estbalished itself in Cote D' Voire in 1908 and emerged as an import/export firm in the country; exchanging local produce with consumer goods. It entered the Nigerian market in 1926 and was originally based in Kano. In the following years, it emerged as a major technical servicing firm while also enjoying support in the form of palm produce quota's from the colonial government. The company today is listed on the stock exchange, (since 1969) with large shareholding held by the Michel Fadoul family.


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