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Samuel Lawrence Adesuyi (1923) was a Nigerian physician and former Chief Medical Adviser to the Federal Government of Nigeria. He was also a vice president of the Nigerian Olympic Committee in the late 1960s. Prior to becoming the Chief Medical Adviser, he was the federal Medical Statistician of Nigeria.


Samuel Adesuyi was born on November 30, 1923 to the family of Mr and Mrs James Adesutyi. He attended St Peter's Primary School, Ile Oluji, in Ondo Province and then the Government College, Ibadan for secondary education. He later proceeded to Achimota College, Ghana and the Higher College of Education, Yaba for post graduate studies. In the 1940s, he studied medicine at the University College, Ibadan and also at the West London Hospital Medical School, London. He returned to Nigeria in 1950 and became an house physician and surgeon at the University of Ibadan College Hospital. In 1951, he left the post to become and assistant medical officer, Lagos and then a medical officer.

Working in the Nigerian medical bureaucracy, he climbed the civil service ladder to become the Chief Medical Statistician and later Chief Medical Adviser to the government.