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Oluwafeyisola Sylvester Adegoke (July 9, 1937) is a Nigerian geologist and national merit award scholar who currently serves on the governing board of the Nigerian National Merit Award. He is a versatile geologist with solid background in biological and physical sciences and he is also known for his research work on bituminous sands in Southern Nigeria.


Adegoke was born in Ondo town, Ondo State. He attended St Thomas Aquinas College, Akure between 1952-1957 before proceeding to the University of Ibadan. He earned his doctorate degree at U.C. Berkeley in 1966 followed by a fellowship at Caltech.

He became a professor of geology at Obafemi Awolowo University in 1971, two years later, he was the head of the geology department and later Dean of the OAU Faculty of Science. At Ife, he served the community and the the country in different capacities, including serving as an investigator on a national programme on earth resource technology satellite, member of the university senate and board of the natural history museum.

He is a founding member of the Nigerian Academy of Science, Nigeria Science Association and served as editor of the Journal of Mining and Geology.


  • The Ecology of Lake Kainji: The Transition from River to Lake. Co-editor
  • The Path to True Technological and Industrial Development. 1985

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