Upsurge of online publishing in Nigeria

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There has been an upsurge in online publishing in Nigeria, due to the recent high internet penetration in that country.

As recent as December, 2007, the level of internet awareness was low. This resulted in a near total ignorance of the various publishing tools available for online publishing.

Online publishing was then the exclusive preserve of Nigerian scholars and news reporters based outside the country.

At the onset of the year 2008, the realization of the wider reach and technological superiority of online publishing as distinct from the traditional publishing methods, coupled with the availability of internet facilities in the nooks and crannies of the country, motivated scholars, writers and news reporters in Nigeria to embrace online publishing.

The continued release of technologically advanced publishing tools by Blogger, Wordpress, etc, have greatly helped the lots of online publishers in Nigeria.

One of the earliest online publications from Nigeria is chidi opara reports a news weblog being published as a non profit making public information project with Blogger publishing tool by the renowned Nigerian poet and News reporter Chidi Anthony Opara.

Online publishing in Nigeria is no doubt on the increase.