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Jump to navigation Jump to search is an Internet public created and edited encyclopedia, like It provides users the largest database to search for names, articles, history, events and all other information about Nigeria and its relationship with the larger world.

You can search the pages for information and edit this information if incorrect or update it.

You can also add your own pages about you, your family, your culture, history, friends, events, or any other important useful information you wish to store for the public.

To create pages, just type the page you wish to create 'name' in the search box on the left module, click 'Go', and you can create your page, if it doesn't already exist. If it does you might want to edit or update the information.

If you are submitting work from another site, please have the necessary permission and put the reference/source with it.


  • This is the foremost National Identification site for the unified Nigeria and all Nigerians.
  • Nigerians abroad refer their children here to learn about Nigeria
  • Students in Nigeria are refered here when studying and learning internet use and participation.
  • Researchers worldwide use this site to search for information or even request for it here if not included yet.
  • Friends, co-workers and future spouses who need learn about Nigeria can be refered here for complete exposure.
  • Tourism promotion to our great Nation.
  • Your entertainment
  • A site to publicize your great papers, projects and research on Nigeria.

And so much more... Plug in. It's yours!