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How do I search?

You can search the pages for information and edit this information if incorrect or update it. To search, either go to 'all pages' on the left top menu box and select the group of pages, 'A-N', or 'N-Z', you expect your topic to be in, then look for it in the list, or type the word or words you are looking for in the search-box on the top left and click 'search', to see if there are articles on it. You may just browse randomly by repeatedly clicking the 'random page' button also on the left menu bar.

You can also add your own pages about you, your family, your culture, history, friends, events, or any other important useful information you wish to store for the public.

Can I add my family information?

Yes you can, first run a search to see if it is not already there, and if the search reveals that no such article exists then go ahead and click the topic in red in the result, to create the page. If you are sure the article doesn't exist then simply type it in the box on the top left and click 'Go' to create the page.

How do I create pages?

To create pages, just type the page you wish to create 'name' in the search box on the left module, click 'Go', and you can create your page, if it doesn't already exist. If it does you might want to edit or update the information.

If you are submitting work from another site, please have the necessary permission and put the reference/source with it.

How do I edit things?

For editing help, see: HOW TO EDIT

How do I upload images?

Please see: HOW TO EDIT

Can people edit my article and add erroneous information to it?

NigerianWiki's dedicated volunteer board of editors patrols daily to check what revisions have been made to articles and what internet IP location these came from, and the editors identity to confirm the relation to the article creator and detect anomaly in any edited article. Our board also conducts extensive research on all articles to ensure that the information is as accurate as possible. If you ever have a concern, please immediately email: [email protected]